'Overseas STAR' - have you made your pledge?

Across PTI International Chapters we've been challenging you to think about how you ‘Lead by a STAR’. To raise the awareness and required level of funds towards the Overseas Voting Rights, we are asking overseas Pakistanis to make a donation of £500 pounds and become an ‘Overseas Star’. Your name and picture will be published on insaf.pk and you will be a special guest of Chairman Imran Khan and invited to a special dinner in Islamabad.


We've been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support for this campaign and so many of you have taken up the challenge. So far, more than 1,000 people have included their name to the petition and we are now looking for people to have made pledges to 'Lead by a STAR'.


Become a STAR now!

If you haven't already, now is an ideal time to make your donation.

1. Complete the 'Overseas STAR' donation page 

2. Upload your picture and details

3. Promote this campaign further via social media


We know that we’re more likely to act on our promises if we share them with others – so, be brave and post it on social media page!


Overseas Stars