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  • As Membership coordinator, I hereby certify under oath that the membership fees are paid by the members themselves. I also certify that the membership details I provide are personally verified by me and that these people are personally known to me and I have personally verified their Pakistani Identity and legal residency proof. Furthermore, I solemnly assure PTI finance board and Election commission to provide the needed documents of ID and residency upon demand. I accept all responsibility for the legitimacy of provided information and accept that upon verification any information found forged or inaccurate will/may lead to my own / my panel disqualification as well. I also confirm that I will be making a minimum of 20 paid memberships within a month, falling short of which will automatically abort my MC status.I also take responsibility to safeguard members personal data as per data protection act 1998 (c 29 )/ EU Data Protection Directive 1995 protection and I or members will not hold PTI/FB/EC responsible for any breach.

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