Read the terms and conditions of our membership and donating to Pakistan tehreek e Insaf.


Donations to political parties in Pakistan is governed by the Election Act 2017.

  • Section 204 states that foreign funding is not allowed and anyone not holding a pakistani passport must hold a NICOP/POC card.
  • All Donors must provide Nicop card or pakistani passport we will check against the NADRA database.
  • Donations must be from the members own funds and may not be passed on from a third party.
  • Any membership fee paid will be assumed as a donation and no refunds will be given in any circumstance.
  • The level of donation for membership will be set by each country and may be varied each year.
  • Donations can be made via the online portal or via authorised Membership Coordinators.


  • By applying to Join the party you agree to conform the party constitution any country specific bylaws and code of conduct.
  • Your membership must be registered at the address you reside at.
  • You also confirm that you are not a member of any other political party in Pakistan or any other overseas branch of a party that is based or connected with Pakistan.
  • By supplying personal data you agree that you may be contacted by officials of the party.
  • We will not share any of your details outside the party.
  • You must be over the age of 18
  • You must hold either a pakistani passport or a NICOP/POC card.
  • Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf reserves the right to right not to accept a donation or application for a membership.


  • To become an MC individual will need to fill in the application form on overseas.insaf.pk and pay the fee which will give MC automatic annual membership included.
  • MCs will be responsible for ensuring that the members they make are genuine and that fee is paid by member themselves as per the laws of the country.
  • MCs will ensure the fees they collect are deposited in designated bank account given in Pakistan.
  • MCs will upload the payment slip to the portal in MC section on overseas.insaf.pk within 5 days of payment made.